Para-Sewlympics 2010
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K, the cauldron has been lit!

Almost the same rules, different day--but here's hoping we get a few more progress reports from the athl--contestan--sewers---hmmm, what's the best word? Costume-challenged?

This event's dates: March 12 to 21.

Eligible efforts: any costume-related project, including sewing, mending work clothes (I go to work in drab, don't you?), beading, knitting, prop construction... any project where you are challenged to overcome your limitations and excel. Hemming pants so you don't get nominated for What NOT to Wear totally counts.

Pics are lovely, but posts of any kind are acceptable, even "the dog ate my homework, so instead of sewing, I was at the vet's office." Human-interest/Up Close and Personal" tales are embedded in the fabric of olympic coverage (ever since I started watching olympic coverage ;-) ), so feel free to interview yourself about your hopes and dreams for the project.

Keep the torch alive! Pass UFOs from event to event until they are "lit"!

Remember, you too can be  contender.

Followup on my SewOlympics 2010 Multi-Athlon
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I'm pleased to say I actually finished all of my projects before we left for Los Angeles on the 24th!

  • The White Star Lines Able Seaman uniform was completed (and very well received). I'm actually going to document the research I did on it and enter it in the Historical Masquerade at CC28.

  • The info kiosk box and frame was completed (and people were pushing the buttons and enjoying the interactive video all night at the party)

  • The table tikis were clear-coated so as to be party-proof on Saturday night.

  • The living room was cleaned and vacuumed so our friend unayok had a comfortable place to sleep during his visit this last week.

So I think I earned my gold medal in this year's event :-)

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OK, my UFO Decathalon bid has come up short.


I have glorious, event-spanning brainstorm.

Next event is the Paralympics.

The Sewlympics can continue! I can redeem my poor progress, and finish off those pesky UFOS as part of the Paralympics. Are you handicapped by over-scheduling, differently-abled by clutter, or challenged by illness or accident?

The Paralympic 2010 cauldron will be lit March 12.

Let's continue to support the Olympic spirit. March 12-21 is the real Paralympics.
I suggest the Sewlympics re-continue!

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 Yesterday, instead of updating my progress, or making further progress, I took time off to party. Went to cousin Amy's to have chicken biryani (yummy!) and hang with her and family, playing bananagrams and talking about sewlympics and other crafty pursuits.

But, I do feel I should at least upload some pics of finished events! So...
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Further progress... all the crafting is done!
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Yesterday I took the table tikis in and clear coated them using the paint hood at work.

Today I took back responsibility for framing the info kiosk and got that done, too.

Now it's just a question of how much housecleaning I can do and get my packing done!

What I did today....
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Two pairs of bloomers!

One is black cotton with Cheshire Cat grins all over, untrimmed neatly hemmed ruffles at the legs.
The other is a narrow black & white striped cotton with a lace trim at the leg hems. I was a good seamster and used up lace trim remnant from my stash. :)

I also got the missing panels for the Penn State petticoat cut out yesterday. Once I get the combinations cut out, I hope to have enough leftover to cut the petticoat upper back. The petticoat will be kinda patchwork looking, but all PSU theme cottons. :)

I've got a Little Black dress and lining cut out and ready to go, it's a Simplicity OOP pattern for a V-neck princess seamed dress, above knee length, with full sleeves ending in deep cuffs that close with invisible zips and are trimmed with six small buttons apiece. Dress closes with a back zip. It's being made up in a nifty synthetic material that features random puckers & puffs all over the surface. The fabric is fairly sheer, and since the dress is meant to show off a neat unitard beneath, the lining is also sheer, a black georgette, which will be trimmed with venise lace at the hem to peek out from beneath the fashion fabric.

I've also got a curved pieced seams pencil skirt cut out in black vinyl, from a Vogue pattern, which I've modified with a fishtail hem at centre back, and a silver full-length separating zipper at centre front.

Progress on my Multiathlon
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Here was my original list of events:

  1. Complete able seaman's trousers and jersey

  2. Complete shadow box and frame packaging for MCC Titanic "info kiosk" prop

  3. Clear-coat table-top tikis (they're for the Saturday do)

  4. Have the house in a state to receive guests on our return

Here's the current status:

  1. Able Seaman: complete, including detachable collar, dicky and silk which weren't part of the original spec. Photos here if you missed my last post.

  2. Shadow Box and Frame for kiosk prop: Design done and materials purchased. Inspired husband to do the actual assembly as a craft project. In his court now.

  3. Table-Top Tikis: The weather is too wet for spray painting. They will survive uncoated as long as we don't bash them about. Or perhaps I can use the paint hood at work

  4. House: Laundry has all been sorted, folded and put away. I can see my dresser top and the floor in front of it for the first time since New Year's.

So I'll keep plugging away at Number 4 until we pack and drive south Wednesday night.

Hello, Sailor!
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I finished my White Star Lines able seaman's uniform today.

On to housecleaning...

Progress on my multi-athlon
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  • The seaman's trousers are finished.

  • The jumper is finished.

  • The denim overcollar is finished (although it needs a third row of braid; I bought all they had Thursday and it was only enough for 2 rows.)

  • A simple version of the "silk" (neckerchief) is done, even if it's poly lining instead of real silk.

  • I need to whip up a dicky tomorrow morning (white with denim edging on the neck hole).

Still to go:

  • "Picture frame" for the info kiosk.

  • Housecleaning.

I may still make it! (Time to clean up and head out to dinner; I'm supposed to sing in a charity show tonight).

(I'll post pics in my main LJ tomorrow).

lace me up
Shirt for husband is done.
Mad Hatter is done and was worn on friday while the opening ceremonies were going on.

A wrench was thrown into things by a death in the Friend Family back on Monday, as a result of a murder (!). Tuesday evening was lost in drinking whiskey & reminiscing with a friend, though some work got done on the shirt. Tonight will be lost in the Wake, Wednesday lost partially for the Funeral. He will be SO missed in my world.

My skirt is cut out & ready to sew. I hope the alterations I made to the pattern will result in a good fit.

The penn state dress sits in it's workbaskets awaiting my attentions. Revising my goals to having the petticoat, combinations, & blouse done. so a, um, ufo quintcathlon instead of decathlon.

Continued good luck to other participants.


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